Welcome to OZ Makeup Bag

Welcome to OZ Makeup Bag


A whimsical and colorful art textile inspired by L. Frank Baum’s OZ book series. This print has been lovingly illustrated with vintage novelty souvenir prints in mind, with a literary twist!

Locations from all four quadrants in the Land of OZ have been included, from the Emerald City, Mount Munch, Scarecrow’s Tower to the Truth Pond & Magic Waterfall. Featuring some favorite characters from these beloved books (Jack, Bellina, Tik-Tok, Glinda, Ozma, Woozy and Tin Woodsman just to name a few!), along with Poppies and twinkling stars scattered throughout the repeat. If you look closely, you might find some Silver Shoes to bring you back home!

Offered in my most colorful combination to date, this print has been set on a light green background with pops of creme white, light black, shades of green, coral pink, turquoise blue, yellow ochre, light brown & poppy red.

Made from a durable canvas shell, lined, includes a brown vegan leather pull tab and brass hardware/YKK Zipper closure, measures 6"x10"x3.5.

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