Stingy Jacks Seed Spitters HC Enamel Pin

Stingy Jacks Seed Spitters HC Enamel Pin


A full color, 2" Black Nickel based Enamel pin featuring my Stingy Jack's Seed Spitters/Halloween Club logo. Double prongs on the back to keep it in place and prevent spinning, comes carded, limited to 100 pieces.

Who are the S.J.'s!?...

Known to dominate pumpkin seed spitting contests, this cider swilling, pumpkin pie eating Halloween Club is a rowdy lot. They can be found lurking at local pumpkin patches around the month of October, seeking out the largest pumpkins in the patch to take back to their dwellings to carve.

They wreak havoc on the Halloween humbugs, you know type-the poor misguided individuals who neglect to leave so much as a single pumpkin out on their doorstep during the month of October, the vile ones who don't answer their doors as poor, sugar starved Trick or Treaters ring their doorbells hungry for candy.

If you despise these individuals as much as they do, the S.J.'s welcome you to join them in their fight to preserve good old fashioned Halloween hijinks! 

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