The Storm Hags Hedge Riders-Enamel Pin

The Storm Hags Hedge Riders-Enamel Pin


2" silver and black hard enamel pin featuring the Storm Hags Hedge Riders club logo, comes carded, limited to 100 pieces. 

They begin to emerge just as the very first trees begin to change color, as the air gets just a tad bit cooler in the evening...

Traveling solo or in packs in as the moon grows (often accompanied by small owl, rat, and/or cat companions. However, toads do tend to accompany the higher ranking Hag), the Storm Hags meet around 3am and take watch over all from the skies as the veil begins to thin. Keeping a keen eye on graveyards and the places In-Between, protecting these sacred spots as the season makes it's transition. 

If you have the calling, The Storm Hags welcome you to join them. But beware! The Hags have NO patience for fakers + posers. Either you're all in or you ain't! 

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