Luxulite X Kitschy Witch-OZ Tornado Necklace

Luxulite X Kitschy Witch-OZ Tornado Necklace


We’re so excited to offer these limited edition pieces, made and designed exclusively for us by Luxulite!

Handmade to match our Welcome to OZ collection, this fun and kitschy novelty necklace features three swirling tornados as the focal point (with the most amazing tiny details!) and charms on a black acrylic chain. Chain measures a maximum of 18.5“ with brass hardware and lobster claw clasp. Handmade in NE England.

We’re honored to be carrying these amazing pieces, please be sure to check out all of Luxulite’s offerings in their Shop as well as their IG!

Please note: These special items are limited edition and once sold out, they will not return in stock.

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