TV Party-XL Bib Necklace

TV Party-XL Bib Necklace


A huge & colorful piece! These larger sized one of a kind bib necklaces are some of my favorites to make and wear, even more fun hunting around trying to find all of the vintage components for them.

Main colors are Pinks, Yellow Gold + Blue/Green! This piece includes a vintage pink toy TV lenticular/pencil sharpener as the focal point (TV has an oddball lenticular image of a kid in a spaceship/locomotive?! It was too weird and I HAD to make something with it!), vintage 1960’s pink metallic space charms (a robot and some spaceships), vintage lucite and glass beads and large 60’s metallic carved beads in pinks/blues and golds. Pulled together on sturdy double link silver tone chain with stainless steel+silver tone components/hardware.

Chain measures 21” total with a 4” extender chain. A silver lobster claw clasp keeps this big necklace safely secured to your neck!

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