Hi There! Thanks for stopping by Kitschy Witch Designs.

I hope you'll enjoy cruising around the site and checking out our offerings. My mission is to create original, unique and playful designs with a nod to the past. All art and designs are created by me with real paints, paper and pencils, using traditional image making methods to create just about everything you'll find here. Carefully curated and of course, made with the utmost love and care, KWD is most definitely my passion project. My hopes are you'll find a few things here that will make you smile and bring a little magic into your life! 



The Kitschy Witch

A few years ago, I decided to take my love of jewelry making and create a small business and online shop for fun. I sat down with a rough plan, sketched out my little mascot and set up shop. Kitschy Witch Jewelry was born and slowly, it began to grow.

As time went on, I started to incorporate my fabric designs into accessories and smalls, collaborations started to happen and I had a vision of KW being something much bigger. As a designer, I craved a platform to push my textile designs further, to explore and share different themes I'm interested in and create a place to just have fun. The pull to invest more time into what I truly love to do was strong and it was time for me to take the leap and make Kitschy Witch Designs become a reality.

Why the witch? The Kitschy Witch mascot represents much more then just a sweet little retro witch with a pointy hat. She represents individuality, independence and a strong sense of self, personal style, confidence, being in tune with yourself and your surroundings, positive change and of course, sisterhood.

The Kitsch? Well, I've always felt it's important to not take yourself too seriously! 

Limited Edition Boutique Items 

KWD offers unique designs, art objects, accessories, jewelry and clothing pieces exclusive to us. Everything is carefully curated, designed and crafted in very limited edition batches.

Most designs and items you'll find here are handcrafted (Witchcrafted!), right here in the USA by myself and
our collaborators.

Designs are inspired by a love for nostalgia, Halloween, my interests as a vintage and antique collector, and clever, colorful novelty textiles of the past. A little whimsy, a nod to the past, throw some punk rock in there and you've got KWD. 

Items can be purchased here only or at shows we'll be vending at. Once they're gone, that's it and on to the next! Be sure to give us a follow on Instagram : @KitschyWitchDesigns for launch dates and sneak peeks of our upcoming collections and collaborations.

The Kitschy Coven

As an artist and small business, it's so incredibly important to support likeminded people and businesses doing the same. Encouraging each other, celebrating all of our successes and supporting the creative endeavors of others has always been a priority.

One of KWD's missions is to work and collaborate with other independent businesses, makers and designers to create new products. Here, I'll be offering not only my own handmade and designed goodies, but lots of incredible collaboration items, created exclusively for and with KWD by some seriously talented people!